Parent Testimonials

“My son attended Twelve Corners Day Care Center from infancy until he went to kindergarten. Even three years later, I think about the people at Twelve Corners Day Care Center often, and what an awesome preparation they gave him for school and life in general! They taught all the important 'academics' - letters, colors and numbers - but just as important, they taught him games, songs, rhymes, outdoor and muscle room activities, manners, etc. And all in a fun, professional, loving, supportive and kind environment. Each and every caregiver there was special. I can't say enough about what an awesome experience our family had at Twelve Corners Day Care Center.”

“Both of my children have been at Twelve Corners Day Care Center since infancy. From the Infant Room to the Pre-Kindergarten class I have been impressed with the care and education my children have received. Every day they come home with new knowledge and it is obvious that the staff fosters their ever growing curiosity and help instill knowledge that will serve as a solid foundation as the start their formal education. All of the staff treat the children with compassion, and respect their individuality with providing a safe environment for them to play and learn. The administration is very dedicated to ensuring the continued excellence of the center and I would recommend them without reservation as they have made the difficult task of leaving my children easier knowing that they are in excellent hands.”

“FAMILY - that word sums up my thoughts on this day care. I have two children that attend this day care - both of them since 3 months old, and my oldest is now 4. The teachers are always respectful and genuinely care about my children. They are always willing to help me with anything that I may need. My children love going to day care and look forward to seeing their friends. There are many fun events that take place. For example PJ days, spring fling parties, a Halloween open house, family picnics and many more. There are also classes children can take like dance and computer. This place has satisfied everything that I would look for in a center.”

“The quality of care our daughter receives is well above and beyond my expectations. The staff is wonderful, caring, and attentive to both the child's and parent's needs. What also makes Twelve Corners Day Care Center such a great place is the multitude of areas in which the teachers enrich the child's day. My daughter has made great progress in all areas of development, including physical, social and cognitive development. Additional offerings such as dance and computer classes are wonderful since the lessons are given right at the facility. Twelve Corners Day Care Center is truly a child development center, not just a day care. I would recommend Twelve Corners Day Care Center to anyone looking for child care services.”

“Thank you Twelve Corners Day Care Center – Both of our children had a great experience! Because we spaced our children 5 years apart, we have had a relationship with Twelve Corners Day Care Center for over 10 years. We continue to be involved today (our youngest child is school-aged and we use our school district's after-school program) because we have a great relationship with many staff members. Both of our children had a healthy and happy time at Twelve Corners Day Care Center and are smart, social children thanks to the cognitive and social foundation they built during their infant, toddler, and preschool years there. Leaving your kids anywhere is nerve-wrecking at first, but I found Twelve Corners Day Care Center helped make the transition easy and I never had to think twice about their care while I was at work.”

“My daughter has attended Twelve Corners Day Care Center since she was 3 months old. I have been impressed at how much the staff and teachers really wanted to get to know my daughter and her likes and dislikes. Now at three years of age, she is excited to go to see her friends everyday and has made her first best friend at the center. Her preschool experience has been wonderful and I have been excited with her progress on letters and numbers. She even surprised us one day by saying her numbers in German and Spanish! The muscle room or gym that the center has in as extra bonus for those days when it is too cold to go outside. My daughter also takes a dance class while at day care which she loves and saves me the time of taking her after work or on a Saturday. I have nothing but good things to say!”